When the Law of Attraction Fails

If you want to become successful at anything, you can go around the obstacles, go over, go under, or go right through them. Success is yours if you want it, but ONLY YOU control this…

Mirror of the Mind

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“We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish” – Tony Robbins

Why Law of Attraction Fails? Here’s The Secret…

The Law of Attraction : “Anything that you think about you bring about”

You can attract a wealthy life, attract happiness, attract health, attract love, attract the body you want… The theory sounds great : “Ask – Believe – Receive”… And sounds easy too but, not so fast … your objective mind and will are so vacillating that you usually only “WISH” for things and the wonderful, capable power within you (your subconscious mind) doesn’t work that way. Most wishes are simply vocal expressions. If you “MANIFEST” your desires that way it is exactly like placing an order from a catalogue… 

No Real Manifestation can Exist When a Vital Piece to The Law of Attraction Formula is Missing…

Your emotions govern what kind of energy you’re putting into manifesting your desire. Positive emotions, like joy, involve a positive energy that attracts your desire to you. The more positive your emotions, the more energy you’re putting into attracting that desire. On the other hand, Negative emotions, like doubt, can repel your desire. Negative emotions indicate you’re not creating what you want, so what you get is the experience of the Law of Attraction failing.

Some people approach “The Law of Attraction” thinking that with a few thoughts a  Ferrari magically will appear in their driveway, or they’ll become rich in days! You must be really in earnest about what you want. The strength and amplitude of your intention must commensurate with what is wanted. Occasional wishing or half-hearted wanting DOES NOT form the right connection or communication with your subconscious mind… THAT’S WHY “THE SECRET” & THE LAW OF ATTRACTION DOESN’T WORK FOR MOST PEOPLE…

The real secret of the Law of attraction is: if you have truly identified what you want you will feel a surge of excitement. You’ll enter such an intense state of visualization that it’s as if what you desire already existed. A shortcut to manifesting your desires is to see what you want as absolute fact. You must know that what you want is yours the moment you ask. You are already being what you want, or having what you want… and wanting what you have”… Assume the FEELING and EMOTION of the wish fulfilled and Feel the gratitude unconditionally.

Attract and manifest what you want – Secrets of attraction and manifestation

A wealthy mindset leads to a wealthy life and this can only come about when you’re ready to embrace Consciousness. Consciousness, or awareness creates and directs everything. The higher your level of consciousness, the more power you have. The more power you have the easier it is to ATTRACT and MANIFEST things. CONSCIOUSNESS is the real secret to manifestation. Consciousness is not a technique but rather a state of being. Mind Reality is a website that contains the secret to achieving that state of being. Discover The Truth Behind the 3-step Formula of “Ask, Believe, Receive”, “The Secret” to finally stop living with the burden of your unfulfilled desires and finally manifest the third and final part of the LOA, the ‘Receive’ part. All of this happen because of knowing how to apply the Law of Attraction – The Power of the Mind. This is The Secret to Getting What You Want in Life.

Creating Your Own Vision Board

We truly believe in the power of manifestation. Creating your own vision board to guide you to your goals is one of the greatest ways you can turn your dreams and aspirations into reality. Check out this fun instructional video where Laurentine ten Bosch helps guide you on visualizing what is most important in your life and how to collate that into a vision board!

Learn How to Use the Power of Your Mind for Weight Loss

Sustainable weight loss must  include a mind-body approach – it’s the only way

Your thoughts shape your body. Excess weight is often the result of negative thinking, the result of whatever negative thoughts and feelings have manifested in your life. Law of Attraction for weight loss tools such as love, gratitude and “forgiveness” can undo whatever negative thoughts have manifested in your life and help you lose weight, melt inches, and transform your body. It only took one negative thought to begin it all. You can now start to change it with a single positive thought.

To achieve lasting results, to quit dieting and solve your weight loss problem forever, you need to find the cause and work holistically to reverse it. Learn how to visualize yourself living the life you want in the body you want. Learn how you can move beyond calorie counting and into a world where weight management is a non-issue.

This series, like the Gabriel Method itself, is geared specifically toward those who have tried and failed at dieting and want to learn new strategies for success. The Summit is a video series on mind-body weight loss, sharing a wealth of knowledge from renowned experts from around the world.

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