Toxicity and Deficiency = Obesity and Disease

Toxicity and Deficiency = Obesity and Disease

We got to understand disease and a body out of balance as coming from two basic major factors: Toxicity and deficiency. In order to prevent disease, heal, or restore balance in our bodies we have to deal with both those factors as effectively as possible.

The dangers of Processed foods -THE GABRIEL METHODDeficiency being the damaged food (GMOs), the toxic food, the food that is grown on artificial fertilizers, food that’s processed and preserved with chemical additives, all that is deficient in nutrients. You already now by now that people who exist on a diet of mainly processed foods can be both overweight and malnourished at the same time… Let’s look at the other culprit of  deficiency: soil depletion. Soil depletion is caused by modern industrial farming. Modern agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the living soil, where we grow our food.

fruits and veggies - Gabriel CodeNon-organic food crops are no longer bred for nutritional content. Those crops have been bred for yield, appearance, uniformity (of both size and ripening time), and pest resistance other than nutrition. Agricultural practices today have allowed crops to grow bigger and more rapidly (at the cost of the long-term health of the soil) but their ability to manufacture or uptake nutrients has not kept pace with their rapid growth. Crops now are less nutritious as the soil became depleted of organic matter, minerals, and microorganisms. Human health is directly correlated to soil health.

The ot Dangerous For The Environmenther major factor affecting our health is Toxicity from all those poisons that are sprayed on the soil,  in the water and in the air,  toxins and pollutants, particularly nitrogen fertilizers, leaching from agricultural lands into our public water system and rivers and of course pesticides. Pesticides also affect soil bacteria (friendly germs) and the foods they like to eat.. Microorganisms are vital to our health and some which might play a key role in our health may have already gone extinct. Soil bacteria serve as the “stomachs” of plants, forming symbiotic relationships with plant roots and ‘digesting’ nutrients from the soil in a form that plant cells can assimilate. Soil microorganisms both digest nutrients and protect plants against pathogens and other threats.

Sprout, Growth, Plant, Green, ConceptNot only do soil microorganisms nourish and protect plants, they play a crucial role in the human body, they aid digestion and maintain our immune system to maintain our very health and well-being. Many researchers believe that the alarming increase in autoimmune diseases in the Western world may owe to a disruption in the microbial community in the soil. We have already eliminated vital soil microorganisms and now need to reintroduce them. Taking probiotic  restore the right microbiota deep in your digestive tract.

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A lot of it is explained in Michael Pollan’s book In Defense Of Food. So that’s why it is better to buy local and organic, mostly due to picking at the proper time, soil quality/thickness, and root length of the plants. We have to deal with both those factors, toxicity and deficiency, avoiding as much as possible anything that’s toxic and unnatural. Choose: organic , freshly grown , freshly prepared, live food (raw food – food that is not processed; food that is not cooked).