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Venus Factor System/ The Venus Factor

Venus Factor System/ The Venus Factor is a weight loss program designed specifically for women. Venus Factor is the Best Female Fat Loss Offer Of All Time. The Venus Factor comprehensive total body system aims to help women control two hormones, Leptin (the satiety hormone) and Ghrelin (the hunger hormone),  responsible for fat storage and hunger.

The Venus Factor is a 12 week workout program and diet plan that’s designed not only to help women lose weight, but to tone and lose cellulite. Discover the number 1 reason women should NEVER diet or exercise like men. Learn tricks and tips to skyrocket your metabolism and put fat-burning on autopilot. This weight loss program can help with quick, effective and massive fat loss.

Evaluation of The Venus Factor

The Venus Factor System

Based on scientifically proven weight loss methods The Venus Factor is a weight loss program specifically designed for women and that’s why the results are so dramatically different from anything you may have tried before. Factor Venus is completely new approach to weight loss laser targeted at how a woman’s body works. Unlike many other popular diets this program is not a rehash of something written for the guys.

If you want to lose weight, and lose it for good this is an easy to follow program that will show you what to do, step by step, to lose those extra pounds! The Venus Factor is a complete 12 week nutritional/exercise plan that will show exactly what to eat and when to eat for effective weight loss.

Its purpose is to drastically improve the female metabolism and free up your ability to burn stubborn fat. With the guidance of The Venus Factor you will discover how quick and easy it is to lose weight without excluding your favorite the foods! Indeed, this diet program provides a fast weight loss, easy and sustainable, without real starvation.

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The Venus Factor will provide good results no matter if you’re young or old, regular exerciser or couch potato, and even if you have bad genetics, slow metabolism or a thyroid problem. It will work even if you do not have much time to spare or you think you have tried everything! You will discover, among other things, which foods called ‘healthy’ keep you from losing weight; food tips to increase your female metabolism and burn fat 24/7; what is the vital nutrient that most women are missing, and the miracle plant that accelerates weight loss in women!

But that’s not all, The Venus factor is also a 12 week exercise program designed to specifically target those problem areas/fat deposits in your body! The program uses unique exercises to strengthen and tone the most stubborn areas of the body and get rid of cellulite, while accelerating your metabolism. You will learn why your exercise drive needs to be much shorter and much less intense than that of a man and what are the exact exercises that women should never do or rather what are the unique exercises you can do at home to increase your metabolism, destroy cellulite, and maximize weight loss. There’s no need for special equipment because every single exercise can be performed either at the gym or in the comfort of your own home!

Unlike a traditional training program designed for men, the training program of The Venus Factor harmoniously agrees with the woman’s hormonal environment and it is the perfect complement to the main nutritional program! The Venus Factor ensures that you have the tools to lose weight effectively and to reach your weight goal and even exceed it!

The Venus Factor includes access to the diet and weight loss manual, the Venus Index Podcast, the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist and the Venus Community. The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist is a clever app that will calculate the exact protein and calorie requirements that women need with a few simple additions from them. The Venus Community is a private online members area where women can interact with other women on the program, start their own blog, or join in the forums for as much interaction as they please.

Disadvantages The Venus Factor
This program gives you a lot of freedom, perhaps too much freedom, therefore some women might need a more structured weight loss plan. The Venus Factor by John Barban is not a slimming miracle solution though, you have to follow a specific plan and make an effort.

Reputation – The Venus Factor

John Barban, the man who developed the weight loss program for women The Venus Factor, has an excellent reputation in the field of health, sports and fitness. His experience, skills and knowledge are highly valued by fitness gurus and the dietary and sports supplement industry as well. His formal education background is a degree in human biology and nutrition from  the University of Guelph (Ontario Canada), and a Masters In Human Biology and nutrition also from U of Guelph. He did further graduate research and taught exercise physiology at the University of Florida.  He has worked in the dietary and sports supplement industry researching and developing sports and weight loss supplements and is currently working on exercise programs and researching solutions to weight loss, muscle building and longevity.


The Venus Factor - Health & Fitness/ Diets & Weight Loss

The Venus factor claims to change the shape of a woman’s body to something that they’ve probably only dreamed of in the past and according to general opinion, it delivers! This system is extremely well designed and easy to follow, it is simple, flexible and effective. Seeing results fast keeps you motivated to continue and even increase the level of exercise for even faster results. And since Venus Factor comes with a money back guarantee of 60 days, I would recommend it without hesitation!

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