The JON GABRIEL Way of Eating

T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  T H E   N O N – D I E T   S O L U T I O N

No more starving yourself, no more exhausting exercise routines or counting calories and grams of fat or carbs. Start eating really good food and stop the endless cycle of dieting. You can change your weight, your health and your life just by making better food choices.

The Gabriel Method principles

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The Gabriel Method E-Recipe Book

Gabriel Method Recipe Book/ cookbook

T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  T H E   N O N – D I E T   S O L U T I O N

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About The Gabriel Method E-Recipe Book

THE 10 PRINCIPLES of The Gabriel Method CookBook

practically applied to Super Delicious, Super Nutritious recipes –

1. DIETS don’t work


GABRIEL CODE - The Gabriel Method weight loss code

Diets put your body into a starvation mode and a slower metabolic state… YIPPEE!!! … Just the way nature intended!

If you ever need to gain weight, just DIET… It works great. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

DIETS DON’T WORK – Learn more click here
T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  L O S E   W E I G H T   W I T H O U T   D I E T I N G



Simply Raw DVD

Meat and dairy products from grass-fed animals can produce mega doses of super-nutrients. High quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, B12,iron, zinc, thiamine, riboflavin and creatine, but perhaps, the most important nutrient of all though is CLA.– considered the newest super nutrient – (conjugated linoleic acid is an omega-6 fatty acid proven to reduce body fat while preserving lean body mass).

But where does CLA come from? It’s in the grass that animals eat.

Every Whole Food Contains Protein, but are plant proteins complete proteins?

If you think it’s not possible to get enough protein from plants, think again… where do all those animals we eat for protein get theirs from?

If you’re eating a good mix of LIVE FOOD (uncooked fruits and vegetables, and sprouted grains and legumes, nuts and seeds)  then your body simply collects ‘in the correct proportion’ what it needs (essential amino acids that your digestion system has absorbed for your body to build protein with), creating the right percentage of ‘COMPLETE PROTEIN‘.


You know, plants CAN give you protein! Did you know about all these?

Protein in Plant foods- Healthy Living @natureheals  Healthy Living @ 
Buckwheat, soy (although there are some concerns about soy), hemp seed, amaranth,  quinoa and chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) contain all of the needed protein-forming amino acids. They are complete proteins.

Berries like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, gojiberries and cherries (although not technically a berry) are some of the BEST carbs you can eat. They are high in fiber, packed with antioxidants, and score extremely low on the glycemic index, especially cherries which come with a GI of just 22.

You’ll retain more nutrients if you avoid microwaving and boiling, instead, opting for slow cooking, steaming or pressure cooking. Avoid the dangers of cooking with a microwave – find out more here!

T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  T H E   N O N – D I E T   S O L U T I O N

3. Where’s the OMEGA-3?


EFAs depletionOmega-3 fatty acids improve insulin sensitivity. Omega 3 helps you build muscle which helps you burn more calories and decrease belly fat. Getting the Omega 3-s Goodness Without the Fishiness is Possible. Jon Gabriel will show you excellent sources of those hard to find omega3 fatty acids

T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  L O S E   W E I G H T   W I T H O U T   D I E T I N G

4. Avoid GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) GMOsGabriel Code - Former -PRO GMO- Research Scientist tells it like it is

Nonfood genes used in GMOs could at some point cause problems… Some experts say GMOs will throw your hormones out of balance…  GMOs may MODIFY YOU!

GMOs don’t have severe effects – what scientists call “acute” effects – that you notice right away, but what about ‘chronic’ effects, ones that come on gradually and can’t be easily tied to any one thing? Nutrition-related maladies like food allergies, diabetes, pancreatic and kidney cancers, and metabolic syndrome, have been rising for decades and continue lurching upward.

Genetically engineered seeds first hit commercial farm fields in 1996

 91 percent of soybeans, 88 percent of cotton and 85 percent of corn grown in the U.S. are genetically modified while very few fruits or vegetables are genetically engineered. Considered “high-risk” are: soy, corn, canola, alfalfa, Hawaiian papaya, zucchini, yellow squash, cotton seed and sugar beets.Top Gmo foods - Gabriel code - The Gabriel Method

  • Some US dairy farms inject rbGH, a genetically engineered hormone also called rbST, into their cows to boost milk production.
  • Aspartame is manufactured from genetically modified bacteria.
  • Cotton has been genetically modified to increase yield and insect resistance. Cottonseed oil, is a high-value cooking/ frying oil extracted from the seeds of cotton plants of various species. Cottonseed oil is commonly used to make margarine.
  • GMO soy, corn, sugar beets, and cotton seed, combined, provide nearly all of the feed used by the meat industry and the majority of the fats, sweeteners, and additives used by the food manufacturers.
  • Modern wheat is not a good carb.  Good carbs are carbs that are not man-made… Modern wheat is not the product of ‘genetic modification’ but of extensive ‘genetic manipulation’ (crossing different strains to generate new characteristics through hybridization, back-crossing, and mutation-inducing techniques). Modern wheat is a ‘Frankenfood’, that’s worse than genetic-modification. Ancient or traditional forms of wheat are less harmful than modern semi-dwarf strains, but ancient wheat can also be cross-contaminated with modern strains, and they still contain gluten and are high glycemic carbs. How do you find the Glycemic Index Of A Food? This is probably the best resource available:
  • These are GMO-free grains: Amaranth, barley, buckwheat, bulgur, einkorn, farro, grano, kamut, millet, oats, quinoa, rye, sorghum, spelt, teff and triticale. Why are these crops GMO-free? Because these are minor crops so there’s no sufficient demand to justify the very expensive research that goes into developing genetically modified seeds. They are GMO-free grains, but most commercial grains are processed in facilities that also process soy and corn. The main problem with these grains in GMO-free eating is cross-contamination .

Blog post-avoid-these-7-foods-if-you-want-to-lose-weight

T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  L O S E   W E I G H T   W I T H O U T   D I E T I N G

5. Avoid REFINED PROCESSED FOODS like the plague…

What happens during the processing of foods is that many of the vital nutrients and minerals are stripped out. And as much as 90% of the phytonutrients content is lost during this process.  If you’re body isn’t receiving proper nutrients your body is put on starvation mode = on fat storage mode.

Note:  Phytonutrients are the natural disease-fighting medicines found in foods such as: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, tea, etc. More than 25,000 phytonutrients are found in plant foods. And they are there for a reason… phytonutrients or plant nutrients, are thought to help decrease the risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  T H E   N O N – D I E T   S O L U T I O N

6. Claim and Exercise the RIGHT of Food Choice…

  • Refined and processed foods need to be avoided.
  • Refined and processed foods need to be avoided.

Refined and processed foods need to be avoided just as foods being bombarded with unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics that can have very negative effects on your health and increase your weight gain. Toxins are stored in adipose (fat) tissue. Check out TOXINSFAT TRIGGER #10Here

10,000 chemical compounds are used in the processing and storage of food, and 3,000 are added to food supplies. Refined and processed foods cause poor nutrition and poor nutrition is a major cause of chemical sensitivity.

Should regulators better protect us from the overuse of antibiotics and growth hormones?

  • toxins stored in adipose (fat) tissue
  • Refined and processed foods need to be avoided.foods being bombarded with unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics that can have

Our right to choose the foods we eat - DOES IT EXIST?Our right to choose the foods we eat according to the US constitutionTo Quote Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson quote

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny” – Thomas Jefferson.

T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  T H E   N O N – D I E T   S O L U T I O N

7. Avoid INFLAMMATORY FOODS to Improve your Digestion

When your digestive system is inflamed your body constantly craves food. Inflammation of the digestive system (the set of organs that digest food and absorb important nutrients) can interfere with a person getting nutrients from the foods he or she eats. And if you’re not absorbing your food properly, you won’t get the nutrients you need. Not only you won’t be able to lose weight but your body is put on starvation mode = on fat storage mode! Inflammation of the digestive system is a huge contributing factor in weight gain…

Losing weight is a natural result of improving your health. And those precious nutrients are vital to do that. Avoid inflammatory foods and get your body ready to digest and absorb food properly. A healthy colon means prevention of cancer, polyps, ulcers and a better nutrient absorption by the bloodstream.

Avoid these foods: Refined grains, refined sugars, common cooking oils Vegetable oils), trans fats, artificial food additives, processed meat, commercial dairy… Sprouted grain breads, like Ezekiel 4:9 bread, is a great way to include bread in your diet on occasion without the inflammation and weight gain issues associated with white breads and even 100% whole wheat breads.

Top 3 inflammatory foods

Top Healthy Cooking Oils:

  • Virgin Coconut Oil  – A healthy fat and very stable at med/high temperature.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Only for low temp cooking.
  • Real Butter (grass fed butter is actually a healthy fat that contains important nutrients, vitamin K2, omega-3’s, and CLA. You can find a popular brand of Irish butter (Kerrygold) that’s grass-fed, readily available in most grocery stores).
T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K   –  L O S E   W E I G H T   W I T H O U T   D I E T I N

8.  Eat ANTI-iNFLAMMATORY FOODS at each meal

Chronic inflammation of the digestive system is among the most common conditions affecting the modern world. When the intestine becomes inflamed it can become irritated preventing it from properly absorbing the nutrients from digested food. In consequence, the body is put on starvation mode = on fat storage mode! So if you are serious about weight loss, you need to get serious about fighting inflammation.

Green Tea, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Walnuts, Avocado, Ginger, Turmeric. Greens with darker leaves (kale, broccoli and collards), Holy Basil, and Fatty fish (Wild Salmon, Mackerel and Tuna) and sweet potatoes are all natural anti-inflammatory foods…

Top 3 anti-inflammatory foods

T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  T H E   N O N – D I E T   S O L U T I O N  –  L O S E   W E I G H T   W I T H O U T   D I E T I N G

9. How POOR DIGESTION Affects Your Weight

If you’re having, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and other symptoms that make you question your digestion, you might want to learn more about how poor digestion can interfere with a person getting nutrients from the foods he or she eats. Most people who experience poor digestion are under-nourished, dehydrated, lacking in essential friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes – or suffering from a mix of all three.

How poor digestion affects your weight

Here are the primary causes of poor digestion, and some action steps you can take today to heal your digestion..

  • Three primary causes of poor digestion
  • Modern Farming Methods
  • Processed Foods
  • Antibiotics

Three Solutions

Add LIVE FOODS to your diet

Start taking PROBIOTIC supplements daily

Consider taking PLANT ENZYMES as you heal your digestion

Micro Flora-50 (Probiotics)

Micro Flora-50 contains over 50 billion colony forming units making it one of the most potent and effective digestive aids available anywhere.

Digestion Mini Kit


Healthy bacteria for your gut and living enzymes break down your food and help your body rebuild. Get this starter kit to boost your digestion and assimilation of the foods you eat.


  • 1 Month Supply Total Digestion
  • 60-Day Supply Micro-Flora 50

Total Health Makeover Kit

tetra pak with bottles

Everything you need to boost your health and revitalize your body naturally…Powerful digestive aids, super-foods, essential fatty acids, protein and living enzymes

  • Gabriel Greens
  • Micro-Flora 50
  • Total Digestion
T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  L O S E   W E I G H T   W I T H O U T   D I E T I N G

10. Meet the DIRTY DOZEN

The Gabriel Method Guide to Pesticides

It’s always a good idea to buy organically grown foods whenever possible, but sometimes doing so isn’t an option because of price or availability. Use this quick reference guide below to help you choose the most important items to buy organic the next time you shop.

Check out Gabriel Method guide to pesticides. On your left, ‘the dirty dozen‘, the most contaminated by pesticides fruits and vegetables that are best to buy organic. USDA Organic certification means a product contains no synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones.

On your right fruits and vegetables that are lowest in pesticides and are okay to buy non-organic. Note: Simply peeling fruits and vegetables will not completely rid them of toxic chemicals. Pesticides are found on the outside of fruits and vegetables, but some are found inside the produce items as well.

Gabriel Method guide to pesticides

All free health-reports

T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  L O S E   W E I G H T   W I T H O U T   D I E T I N G

Recipe book Preview

Check out  The Gabriel Method E-Recipe Book (Digital)

Super Delicious, Super Nutritious recipes

Quick and easy, healthy recipes the entire family will enjoy. These recipes will give you high energy during the day and help you burn fat while you sleep. You’ll be amazed at how rich and flavorful eating The Gabriel Method way can be.

Here’s What You’ll Find in The Gabriel Method E-Recipe Book:

  • Fast and simple breakfasts
  • Hearty soups & snacks
  • Protein-rich snacks
  • Hearty soups & snacks
  • Savory dinners
  • Omega-3 everything
  • Wheat-free pancakes
  • Your favorites-from brownies to pizza…

Try the Choc Seed treats (page 73) , one of my favorites, they are amazing!

  • Digital format, instant access
  • Simple-to-make everything (no chef skills required)
  • Photos of every single recipe
  • Simple Ingredients
  • Rich in Nutrients
  • 287 pages of super delicious, super nutritious recipes
    • Omega-3 Rich Everything
    • Amazing Desserts
  • Low Glycemic
    • Protein & Live Food Favorites

NOTICE: The Gabriel Method e-recipe book is a Digital Product



Free Gabriel Method Reader Recipes

Get instant access to some great recipes right now! This selection of recipes included here come directly from an open contest where Gabriel Method readers submitted their favorites. You’ll find the audience-voted “winners” as well as the complete list of entries. They are fun, simple and delicious recipes, and I hope you enjoy them!


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T H E   G A B R I E L  M E T H O D  C O O K B O O K  –  L O S E   W E I G H T   W I T H O U T   D I E T I N G

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