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How daily life STRESS is affecting your weight…

Stress - RelaxG A B R I E L  C O D E  –   J O N   G A B R I E L  –  T H E   G A B R I E L   M E T H O D  –  L O S E   T H E   S T R E S S   L O S E   T H E   W E I G H

Whether stress is emotional, physical, or caused by a buried experience in your unconscious mind (past trauma) , your body reacts the same way,  releasing high levels of…

The role of Cortisol…

Cortisol is one essential hormone we can’t live without. But too much of a good thing is not healthy. A high level of cortisol in your body acts as a fat trigger activating your FAT programs, not only causing weight gain but also making it impossible for you to lose weight. Your body’s stress reaction was meant to protect you.

Ilustración con la evolución del hombreThis is part of our genetic heritage. When food was scarce and the temperatures were extremely low the body’s response was to activate the FAT programs to help us stay safe and protected… But we no longer need the extra weight… In today’s world , our stress comes not from circumstances that threaten our lives. Today we deal with emotional trauma, relationship problems, anxiety and fatigue, excessive work and lack of sleep.

Illustration : Cristina Alejos

Cortisol is produced in response to ‘deal with stressful situations’. But here’s the thing… ‘Stress is stress’. It doesn’t know the difference between a ‘life-threatening physical situation’ and a ‘mentally stressful situation’. In both situations you get the same reaction. When you feel mentally stressed, your body is flooded with Cortisol just as if you were in immediate physical danger. Cortisol is what gives you that extra boost of energy that helps you in an emergency situation. In a physically stressful situation, once a perceived threat has passed, hormone levels return to normal. But in mentally stressful situations (like a bad relationship or being under tight deadlines at work, or even being overweight) when stressors are always present and you constantly feel under attack, that fight-or-flight reaction stays turned on. The long-term activation of the stress-response systemand the subsequent overexposure to cortisol can disrupt almost all your body’s processes. The excess cortisol creates an imbalance that increases your cravings for sugar and your appetite in general leading you to overeat.

In a nutshell, stress turns you into a ‘fat storing machine’ while simultaneously making it extremely difficult to lose weight…


G A B R I E L  C O D E  –   J O N   G A B R I E L  –  T H E   G A B R I E L   M E T H O D  –  L O S E   T H E   S T R E S S   L O S E   T H E   W E I G H


Chronic stress exacerbates health, communication and performance problems. It’s not surprising that Norman Anderson, CEO of the American Psychological Association said, “Stress could easily become our next public health crisis.” Addressing the connection between stress, and health is key. There are simple, effective steps you can take to get your brain and your body to work together, and when you conquer stress, your hormones get balanced which improves your waistline immediately

Tapping for Weight Loss

G A B R I E L  C O D E  –   J O N   G A B R I E L  –  T H E   G A B R I E L   M E T H O D  –  L O S E   T H E   S T R E S S   L O S E   T H E   W E I G H


Meridian Tapping

Meridian tapping for weight lossIf you or anyone you know has a weight problem, the secrets of Meridian Tapping can be a safe and effective tool for loosing weight. I hope you find this film both inspirational and educational… It documents a case study workshop led by Carol Look, a gifted healer and therapist. She works with 12 participants who suffer from stress-related weight problems to find immediate relief and lasting solutions. Their stories and their breakthroughs are truly remarkable. Check it out!


The Meridian Tapping Points : Top of Head; eyebrow, side of eye, under the eye, collarbone, under nose, under arm and chin.

Here’s what James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, from Hungry For Change/ Food matters have to say about tapping:

TappingTapping for Weight Loss

Documentary Film + Resources


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Audio – Chronic Stress

Audio – Depression

Audio – Deep Rooted Reasons


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G A B R I E L  C O D E  –   J O N   G A B R I E L  –  T H E   G A B R I E L   M E T H O D  –  L O S E   T H E   S T R E S S   L O S E   T H E   W E I G H



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