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GABRIEL METHOD - HEAL YOUR HEART LOSE THE WEIGHT 1If you’re not dealing with the mental and emotional stresses in your life you’ll never achieve your weight loss goals long term. It doesn’t matter how well you eat, how much you exercise or how many weight loss books you read, if you’re not integrating your mind into your healing process… you’ll never achieve your weight loss goals long term.

Lose Weight & Transform Your Body from the Inside Out by Unlocking the Unlimited Power of Your Mind! Welcome to Cellular Healing…

Welcome to Cellular Wisdom

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What if you could get over, bad eating habits, smoking, alcohol, ‘dwelling on negative memories or emotions’ (a chattering negative mind is a bad habit that’s hard to kick) or any other unhealthy habit affecting your life… What if you could change your thought patterns from negative to positive? What if you could wake up your natural healing ability just by working ‘with your own mind’ and getting to the root cause of a health issue, not just putting a band-aid on the situation by treating the symptoms?

Guided meditation allowed Jon Gabriel to cure his migraines, quit smoking, overcome past trauma and eventually transform his body and life naturally and forever. He lost over 200 lbs and has kept it off for over a decade now.

Cellular Wisdom Live Webinar

G A B R I E L  C O D E  –   J O N   G A B R I E L  –  T H E   G A B R I E L   M E T H O D  –  H E A L   T H E   H E A R T –  L O S E   T H E   W E I G H T

Learn how ‘past trauma’ may be activating your FAT Programs and keeping you from losing weight, here’s what happens… your cells keep a cellular memory of that trauma and your body will activate certain genes that will trigger FAT programs if your cells feel like fat is the way to protect you from the trauma. Most likely, your body is trying to protect you from emotional pain (which it is unable to differentiate from physical pain) by gaining weight. When you lose someone you love, are abused, hurt or experience unthinkable loss, your body can react by shielding you from the world with fat… If you have emotional trauma trapped on the cellular level, this stored trauma can lead to weight gain. Think of it like a deep wound. Your body uses fat to shield you from that pain, as a band-aid!

The mind uses thought as a distraction when there is physical or emotional pain, when it is afraid or trying to protect itself from something. A very powerful mantra in facing the racing negative feelings, thoughts and judgements, is being aware that you are responsible for your own happiness and they don’t have to control your life anymore. Because remember, they were never you in the first place! The only thing keeping you from letting go of negative thoughts, feelings, painful memories, and put aside self-criticism from your daily thought process, is your own mind.

Cellular Wisdom

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Paula Robbins is my most-trusted, mind-body healer and her guided Cellular Wisdom program can help you achieve the benefits of deep meditations in minutes… with no previous training required – Jon Gabriel 

Gabriel Method Coach and certified hypnotherapist, Paula Robbins is going to speak directly to your cells to clear those blockage so you can let go emotional trauma once and for all. Cellular Wisdom (cellular healing) teaches you, with simple cellular release mental exercises, how to connect back to yourself, to step past fear into the world of flow, self-healing and self-love, to move beyond where you are (your body, your health, and your life as a whole) to a place where your personal development, both mentally and physically, is seen as the most important outcome, a place where you can simply trust and step forward claiming your power.

G A B R I E L  C O D E  –   J O N   G A B R I E L  –  T H E   G A B R I E L   M E T H O D  –  H E A L   T H E   H E A R T –  L O S E   T H E   W E I G H T

Cellular Wisdom teaches you how to use your intent to lead you into powerful communion with yourself. You will learn how to heal your heart, how to heal the wounds of the past and to let go of baggage forever. You will learn how to overcome fear, anxiety, how to connect with source to fill that void, and how to step re-assuredly into what’s ahead knowing you are safe, no matter how the outside world appears.

If you want to heal your past as you move confidently into the future then Paula’s professional guidance is for you. Cellular Wisdom, and it’s a 4-part, at-home program where Paula leads you into deep communication with the cells of your body (taking you from that overactive beta brain wave state, down to an alpha state where you’re more receptive and open to positive imagery and affirmations at the deepest level possible), will give you the tools to heal your past to create what you want for yourself and to reach for the seeming impossible…

Experience deep meditation in minutes with this 4-part series:
  • Heal Your Digestion

  • Manifest Prosperity

  • Peace & Serenity

  • Safe & Protected Always

If this is really resonating with you, and you need more of this, then The Gabriel Method recommends you getting “Cellular Wisdom”, it  will change your life forever. After this experience you’ll never be the same.

You will be healed of past resentments, past trauma, and past pains. You will finally be able to find peace and harmony within yourself. You’ll be able to quiet your racing negative mind and to let go of negative thoughts and feelings by making new thought patterns. You’ll be able to leave the past behind and move on, forever healed and changed, into a new and supercharged life.

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Audio – Weight Loss & Depression

Audio – Weight Loss & Emotional Traumas

Audio – Deep Rooted Reasons

Audio-Childhood Traumas

G A B R I E L  C O D E  –   J O N   G A B R I E L  –  T H E   G A B R I E L   M E T H O D  –  H E A L   T H E   H E A R T –  L O S E   T H E   W E I G H T


Someone has finally cracked the code of weight loss…

 Let’s not lose the war against “The Globesity Epidemic”

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G A B R I E L  C O D E  –   J O N   G A B R I E L  –  T H E   G A B R I E L   M E T H O D  –  H E A L   T H E   H E A R T –  L O S E   T H E   W E I G H T

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