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H O W   T O   L O S E   W E I G H T   F O R   K I D S  –  W E I G H T   L O S S   F O R   C H I L D R E N


The gabriel method - fit kids 1

Many of the key factors that will determine whether your child gains or loses the weight are things you can change. Things that you have control over. So with proper knowledge and a commitment to a “whole child” approach, you can raise healthy and fit kids for life…

When you work with Jon Gabriel and Dr. Patricia Ronald, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for how to educate your child about food and weight in a way that encourages fun and excitement, not guilt and shame
  • How to support your child’s real nutritional needs (not just his caloric needs) to reduce food cravings and increase energy and vitality
  • How to reduce “screen time” and increase “play time” so exercise isn’t exercise at all—it’s fun!
  • How to make green vegetables one of your child’s favorite foods
  • How story time and positive reinforcement can build self-esteem and confidence that impact your child’s weight
  • How to make hormone-balancing, healthy meals no matter what your food budget is
  • Which foods kids love that are great for them, and which foods kids love that are best kept out of your home altogether
  • Why family mealtimes are SO important
H O W   T O   L O S E   W E I G H T   F O R   K I D S  –  W E I G H T   L O S S   F O R   C H I L D R E N


The Gabriel Method - Fit Kids revolution

FIT KIDS REVOLUTION is a guidebook for concerned parents who want to help their child overcome childhood weight gain and obesity in a fun, safe, and sustainable way.

The Gabriel Method - fit Kids 2

With children traditional fitness and restrictive dieting are not just ineffective, they are potentially harmful, both physically and emotionally. Using a mind-body, holistic approach, you’ll learn how to work with your child and your child’s changing body to creating lasting change from within.

The Gabriel Method - Fit kids

Jon Gabriel and Dr. Patricia joined forces to transform the health of today’s youth using a holistic “whole child” approach that addresses the weight problem from the inside out: mind, body, and spirit.

So far, the results and feedback they’ve received have been incredible

Comida chatarraJon Gabriel and Dr. Patricia are not trying to impose a “no sugar” or “zero tolerance” attitude toward junk food or “screen time.” Instead, their goal is to help you find a healthy balance, teach you how to navigate through the grocery store, the kitchen, and the playground so that healthy living becomes as much fun as the latest video game. How cool is that…

No restrictive meal plans, No extreme exercise routines, No guilt, and No more shame…

Fit Kids revolution Book- paperback 224 pages - worldwide shipping - The Gabriel MethodCLICK HERE

This book teaches parents to take a “whole child,” holistic approach to feeding and nurturing kids from the inside out. You’ll learn:

  • Why parent-child love is the foundation for raising any healthy child
  • Why restrictive diets are not the solution—and neither are “fat camps” or extreme exercise
  • Specific strategies to raise a healthy child- including food shopping tips + healthy meal & snack ideas
  • Why the growing epidemic of “screen time” must be addressed head-on
  • How story time combined with positive visualizations can change a child’s habits naturally, from the inside out

Fit Kids Revolution (Book)

The Gabriel Method - fit_kids_paperback

(paperback 224 pages – worldwide shipping)

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Bonus Resource Area

After you purchase you’ll receive instant access to these amazing online resources…

Healty kids recipes - The Gabriel Method
10 of the authors’ favorite healthy kids recipes

Enjoy 10 delicious meals, all yummy, kid-friendly recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Everyday ingredients that won’t break the bank, and won’t take too long to make (great for busy parents!). Try making them together with your kids.

Positive bedtime stories (aThe Gabriel Method - Positive bedtime storiesudio for download)

Try this audio track with your children before bed. Dr. Patricia A. Ronald Riba, childhood obesity specialist, reads “The White Light”, which she created specifically to help children struggling with weight related issues. This uplifting, healing meditation is meant to encourage healthier habits and a more positive outlook.

Evening visualization

Evening visualization for parents

(audio for download). This is an extremely effective MP3 that helps you get your mind and body to work together so that you can lose weight easily without willpower or dieting

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