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 The Miracle Fat System Exposed… Can Coconut Oil help you Lose Fat?

MIRACLER FAT SYSTEMCoconut oil is a wonderful healthy food that has been shown to increase metabolism and help burn unwanted fat in your body. It is a wonder food that has existed for centuries unfortunately, some people have a hard time believing that coconut oil “is not fattening” or is not “dangerous.”

We have all been falsely led to believe that fat, especially saturated fats, are the cause of our weight gain and our health problems. This is only partially true. Some fats such as hydrogenated oils and vegetable oils contribute to heart disease and weight gain but good fats like coconut oil, butter and olive oil are actually very good for our body. Just think about how people were healthier in the late 1800s and early 1900s, heart disease and obesity were almost unknown at the time.

 MYTHS about coconut oil


 Myth # 1 – Coconut oil contains a lot of fat so it must make you fat

The truth – NOT ALL FATS ARE CREATED EQUAL! (I want to tattoo that on my forehead). Some fats cause weight gain but other fats, good fats, actually burn unwanted fat from your body and accelerate your metabolism.

Myth # 2 – Coconut Oil is saturated fat so it must be bad for you

Truth – Saturated Fat is not the cause of heart disease, weight gain and high cholesterol. Saturated fat has been wrongly accused! It is SUGAR that’s the #1 Enemy causing those diseases !

Myth # 3 – Coconut Oil should be avoided by those with heart disease risk

Truth – The fat in coconut oil is one of the healthiest fats you can consume (yes, even for those with heart disease). It is rich in lauric acid, which is known for its antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal properties and contains no trans fats. Saturated fat in coconut oil is different from many other oils in that it is part of the variety of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). The body digests more easily these fats (MCFA) sending them directly to the liver where they are immediately converted into energy. Now, how cool is that? A fat that is used to make energy instead of storing it in our body. We can all use a little of that!

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MIRACLE FAT SYSTEM: Nature’s #1 Best Healing Superfood

Lose Weight | Drop Extra Belly Fat

“Recently, I came across VERY interesting studies on the relationship between coconut oil (or any type of coconut fat, including coconut milk and cream) and how it can affect your body fat! And the findings may surprise you”… Jake Carney, Founder The Alternative Daily.

A 2009 study published in the Journal Lipids consisted of testing the effects of either 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or 2 tablespoons of soybean on a group of 40 women over the span of 28 days.

Results showed that the group that ate the coconut oil had a decrease in abdominal fat, while the soybean oil group actually showed a slight increase in belly fat. Additionally, the group that ate the coconut oil showed increased HDL ‘good’ cholesterol levels, while the soybean oil group had decreased HDL cholesterol and increased LDL ‘ bad’ cholesterol.

The Journal of Nutrition published a study where researchers investigated all studies relative to medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), that are abundant in coconut fat, and weight management. The studies showed that diets rich in fats such as those found in coconut oil prompted a boost in metabolism, increase in energy, decrease in food consumption, reduced body weight and lower body fat mass. The study authors highly recommend using oils that contain MCFAs, such as coconut oil, as a tool to drop extra abdominal fat, manage a healthy weight, and even as a way to treat obesity.

Yet another study that assessed body weight and fat storage relative to three different types of diets including a low-fat diet, high-fat diet with long chain fatty acids (LCFAs) and a high fat diet with MCFAs. In order to bring about weight gain, caloric intakes were adjusted for the diets. At the end of the research period (which lasted 44 days), the low-fat diet group stored an average of 0.47 grams of fat per day, the LCFA group stored 0.48 grams of fat per day, and the MCFA group only stored a mere 0.19 grams per day (despite purposely increasing calories). Those in the MCFA group (coconut fat) had a 60 percent reduction in body fat stored (decrease in abdominal fat)  compared to the other diets.

There are two studies, one in women and the other in men, showing that coconut oil led to reduced amounts of belly fat (50, 51).

Another added bonus of consuming organic coconut oil (and coconut cream or milk) is that it tends to make us feel fuller for longer. Studies indicate that MCFAs help increase feelings of fullness and lead to a reduction in calorie intake when compared to the same amount of calories from other fats. When MCFAs are metabolized, ketone bodies are created in the liver – these have been shown to have a strong appetite reducing effect helping you to lose fat faster. MCFAs go straight to your liver where they are converted into energy right away.  Thus, they don’t get stored as fat.

If you thought from reading about how using coconut oil daily for helping to reduce abdominal fat is pretty incredible, you’re going to be blown away by the powerful health benefits of coconut oil on the e-book…

MIRACLE FAT SYSTEM: Nature’s #1 Best Healing Superfood + 4 BONUSES


>>> Many reasons to use coconut oil DAILY, besides weight loss, including benefits to thyroid, brain, skin, oral health, heart health, detoxing, cancer, and more.

I urge everyone to use organic unrefined coconut oil for all of their cooking needs. I usually total about 2 to 3 tablespoons per day. You can even use it raw if you like as it tastes delicious!

If you have difficulty finding the coconut oil in your local supermarket, you can buy it online.

Now go ahead and enjoy your coconut oil and reap all its fat burning effects immediately.

 If You Want to Heal, Beautify and Restore Your Body! Here’s a newsflash I’m sure won’t surprise you… nothing concocted in a laboratory can ever replace the value of what is found in nature!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates – The Father of medicine

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To your health 🙂

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